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Mother'd Day

Mother'd Day

Day 41
”Mother’s Day”

{gouache collage}

When I goofed on my typing of this headline post I realized that my error was actually correct. Today I celebrate Mother’d Day. I celebrate all the extra-mothers I’ve quietly “collected” over my life. All those people who unknowingly gave me the courage to finally become a mother. I’d felt the ramifications from “reluctant motherhood” and it gave me great pause about entering into being a mother. Those extra-mothers taught me about patience, humor, love and strength—all the things I’d need in the years ahead.

I do remember all the people before I took the plunge who seemed very concerned about when and if I’d ever become a mother; folks who wanted their friends to have children because they were having children. I never quite understood this friendly peer pressure. I tuned them out and kept watching, listening, learning.

Years later I bumped into a classmate from high school when I was with my youngest daughter. I made introductions and the classmate gasped at how young my daughter was in comparison to her adult children. I blurted out, “ Well, I’ve always been a late bloomer!”
Which reminds me of the first time I heard Brett Dennen’s song, When You Feel It:, and heard these words:

I've always been stubborn and late to bloom
I had to lay down my load, my burdens are my own
It's a coming of age when you feel it you know

A perfect description of my path to motherhood. Long, lingering and so worth the wait.

Happy Mother’d Day to all who choose this path or, decide to head down another. There’s no right way. Just your way.



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