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Seventh Grade Ginger

Seventh Grade Ginger

Day 57
"Seventh Grade Ginger"

If life gave one the luxury of giving advice to ones younger self I'd lovingly say this to my seventh grade self:

In the future gingers with pasty white skin will actually appear in
Vogue magazine. Yep, I know it's hard imagine in the 1970s surrounded by a sea of tan & blond people.

It gets better. Life after junior/senior high is amazing. You'll meet so many
people from all walks of life and they will teach you to open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Keep bucking peer pressure. You'll always be for the underdog.

Treasure that sense of humor because yes, life is absurd at times.

Don't detassle corn!!! (Iowans will understand this)

No need to explain why you don't go by your childhood nickname. You never liked it. It's okay to discard old things.

Trust your gut.

Flowers for Rosy

Flowers for Rosy